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Sunday Nail Pamphlet Series

  • Burdensome people Burdensome past
    The value of a life on earth
    is more about how one is to survive
    with so much hurt and pain.
    So much value lost
    in terms of worth and sustain.
    So much of any other type of heroic gesture,
    like having a connective edge
    where mind and heart remember
    and do not do those horrible parts again.

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  • Courage to go on
    It takes a fool to recognise
    that nothing on the earth is of a paradise
    unless in heart and mind do prepare
    to listen more and to care …

    Care about the earth and what exists
    because without care it no longer can resist
    the punishment that man applies
    as war and warring, violent enterprise
    continues to this day as death
    to peoples who are in fact
    no more or less, but crucified.

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  • Abandoned
    Abandoned …but why
    in our Westernised society
    Exceptionalism on the rise
    or in denial of their demise?

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  • Betrayal
    She left him there
    Betrayal was her name.
    She left him to his own device
    for in him
    he was to show and learn,
    forlorn, but alive.

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  • Brutalism on our shores
    Lofty heights and brutal shores.
    Lofty heights and there for all
    to witness daily what is what.
    And if not …
    why do we, in the West ignore?

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  • Costly exercise – Death
    Death is a passage
    a way through
    to that of beauty
    within that of you.
    – – –
    Death begins and ends with life
    one physical, the other spiritual.
    Or that part divinely inspired
    inside that of thought
    consciously understood.

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  • Death in the Detail
    The act of defiance is in the air
    details of those deaths coming in
    from who knows where.
    But what is of importance
    is in how we all respond
    not because they are of our own or not
    but because we all belong to the one tribe,
    human consciousness the lot.

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  • The Bastardisation of Truth
    Bastardisation of truth
    You search your soul, that of an inner worth
    and value that for a while.
    And what did you find, see or seek?
    Was it of purpose, value to the core or more?
    What type ventures to find that truth,
    truth supreme of the divine,
    that rich and prosperous nature
    that cares for all, all of every single soul,
    the cell of life, the life of all?

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  • Satellite Tonight
    Satellite Tonight
    Who are we
    when overseen
    by drones and satellites?

    Where is our freedom
    when overseen
    by drones and satellites?

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  • Homelessness of Heart – Compassion at the Core
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  • You are it. Iam it. What of it?
    Are we up to it?
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  • Silence is Golden if Peace is invoved
    The value of a life,
    precious beyond earthly belief,
    going back years before one is even born.
    That seed, sperm in egg, is where life is
    and begins more of that richness,
    that possibility for future expansion
    and joy, harmony and peace.

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  • Cost of living on the rise
    The cost of living is on the rise
    and no one anywhere
    is apparently of any concern.

    But with those weather patterns
    in complete disarray
    well, maybe they hold a clue
    to what is to eventually keep us
    toward a more formidable human way.
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  • Hidden
    Hidden is not to say
    that we are unable to search,
    seek and destroy
    but more importantly to love
    what is to be formed, found
    and reliable each and every day.

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  • Value-less Plight
    The world is in a diabolical state.
    Are we even aware or awake?

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  • Adrift in Retirement
    Adrift is a term used in interpreting
    who we are in life in the West
    and retirement, time out, is only part
    of that life sailing here and there
    until this is a perfect period of review
    to value that you
    without the humdrum of worldly work.

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  • Time Out
    Time out …
    check with oneself –
    who am I, what do I truly want
    in this, out of this, life time quest?

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  • The Bread of Life
    the Bread of life to life
    is one of the most sacred acts
    of human endeavour.

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  • The Factory Doors are Shut
    The Factory Doors are Shut
    No one enters anymore.
    No one calls.
    No one there …
    the factory doors are shut.

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  • Reflections of a downward spiralling trend
    Look, observe counter
    that which perplexes and ask,
    and ask, why me and now;
    why the value of myself undermined;
    how to fix that painful side,
    that undervalued me inside?
    Love the life you are to have
    and in that value all and every aspect.

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  • Forgiveness
    The Gods of Goodness
    cried out in vain,
    Whatever will be left
    if you all remain
    less than self
    that of a creativity
    expressive in behaviour
    that of a compassionate
    and loving self part.

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  • The Other Half of Midnight
    The other side of midnight to dawn
    questions of a curious form
    dreaming, circling, satisfying, uncertain
    but for one of the most amazing threads –
    we are alive consciously when dead.

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  • The Ancient Mariner
    Oh how hard it is
    to sail upon a world rich
    ingenious as it is.
    But of no thought of mind and soul,
    no thought of love and longing to know,
    but of a world enticed by pain
    no hope unless
    all do, in themselves refrain.

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  • Hello Mr Bee
    Hello Mister Bee,
    I search and seek out thee
    for I long to know how you are to be
    in this world of eradicating everything;
    including that of your precious joy, love of life
    and preservation of the global scene,
    Nature as was and has ’till now beauty been.

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  • The Aloneness of Standing Apart
    The very energy it takes
    to value oneself is enormous
    but to stand apart
    from a crowded societal influence
    takes guts, determination
    and an inner self-directed pride.

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  • Standing Apart
    The valley green, the skies blue
    but what is it
    that this person in my life,
    now dead, shows through?

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  • What is War About
    What is war about …
    Vagueness in men who know naught.
    Vagueness is those who call them
    those soldiers dear to fight
    enormous armoury on battle sites.
    Is it war or a war crime?
    Is it for all who know naught
    or more about the home front
    in ignorance
    deny their right to vote right?

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  • Smoke Screen
    Smoke Screen is allowed
    because we care less
    unless in a crowd
    hidden behind and not a word –
    and people die, lost
    and not one single word.

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  • Who is He
    He is but the you or I,
    the me, the other
    the way forward, the way ahead
    but not before self is discovered
    behaviourally, kindly, gently
    and lovingly to do and be
    that which is the all of thee.

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  • Eternal but a physical being Earthly and Real
    Love is not something new
    but life saving
    when connected to that heart
    inside of you.

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  • Blinded by Mechanical Toys
    ’Phone at home, ’phone at work
    ’phone on hip when at sport.
    What is this telephone
    actually doing to our life … but naught?

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  • Destruction on the rise – no place to hide
    It’s not that the world
    is being dragged down
    but we who allow
    that damage on the ground.


    It’s not that the world is bad
    but what we do in our heart
    that has not as yet
    been formed or found.

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  • Shrugged Shoulders
    Shrugged Shoulders
    and no place left to hide
    The world in free fall
    and I must so urgently decide
    who I am and want to be
    so that denial

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  • Can we Forgive
    Who are we – but frightened
    to even become aware of who we are
    and in that forgive those parts
    unacceptable and unlovable?

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  • He knew he was gone
    Who are we
    if not him within ourselves
    of goodly, kindly deeds and speech?

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  • Shattered Splattered….what’s the matter?
    The whole world is crying out
    shattered, splattered no way out.
    What is the matter with our hearts?
    What is the matter we cannot love
    deep inside where it counts

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  • Soft Target
    What are we …
    if not a soft target
    to learn to ease
    all that of pain and misery?

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  • Conscience Calling
    Conscience calls us to awaken to the reality
    of what our behaviour is spreading virulently
    when the world is in distress over anyone not like us
    must be turned away or cause to them utter distress.

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  • The Song of Love beyond our face
    Who inside divides and creates?
    Who inside loves and tears down walls
    as if to humiliate that part we have left
    to declare we are both and in that
    can repair, love and accept
    we are all and everything that shines
    when love of us is inside.

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  • Structure Divine
    Love is the missing code
    to our worth and the worth of all …
    all who value life as is
    without all that of a blaming hatred motif.

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  • Fortnight
    Fortnite …
    is not a game for our youth
    it is more a nightmare that connects
    to a deathly end type death.
    Wired to our young’s brain
    how can they become aware
    if we, the so-called adults
    do not love and in them care.

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  • The Mystical Way
    It is not so easy to travel far
    without any guidance
    and not even in that sky,
    darkened, cloudless no star.

    When though confronted
    with that cry within one’s heart
    it does require a courage
    unknown until travelled that far.

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  • Frozen in the Sand of Time
    Love …
    is what is frozen in the sand of time.
    Love …
    of who you are as you are
    no more than for that.

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  • Loss of Who I am
    What am I but of a love divine …
    divine as the more I am inside unknown
    but shown expressively as art as agency?
    The story of who I am is me, myself,
    the whole unknown but reflectively seen
    by the way I behave and in that potential
    I am able to know the me expressively,

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