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Songs of Love from the Front
In 2012, after having completed the book ‘Messages from the War Torn Dead’, I revisited the 1914-1918 battlefield areas of France as I still felt a hollow, missing link inside.
I became more connected to the expressions of emotion triggered by the enormous destruction of life and most profoundly to be seen and felt in the memorials dedicated to the loss of loved ones. Particularly those of the women in grief, mourning their beloveds’ lost life
and their plans and longing for a life together in their future dreams, prior to the war’s outbreak and its ugly demise.

These are the thoughts that came to me in verses of prose, poetic in expression, as I sat by these creative emotive structures and absorbed what they conveyed –

Love – stories powerfully felt, heartfelt loss, tragedy and the continual reminder –

No more war and loss of life –

Love, that is what a peaceful world declares.
Love, that all-important humanly profound expression two people do implore.

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