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Pamphlets Downloads 3

    • Honourable Gentlemen don’t do that
      Honourable Gentlemen don’t do dishonourable acts
      for in that way they can so very readily lose track
      of what their own life is to become
      and that is of worth to all and everyone

      but not without firstly acknowledging
      that they are not all masculine
      but what that gender is supposed to be –

      and that is to become an honourable self inside
      where it is held as a sacred badge for all eternity.

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    • Cosmic Reality – hinted at … or lived by
      One is not possible to live on this earth
      without some form of other guiding force.

      How is it possible to become clear
      that we are other than the familiar as if air
      and yet no idea how to, in them, this other force
      be concerned to not know.

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    • God the Invisible Presence
      How can it possibly be …
      that I am part of a most amazingly rich
      form of consciousness as my earthly living gift?

      How can it possibly be …
      that in each there is a mind-brain mechanism
      that allows for the free flowing of data
      streaming in and throughout our day
      in thoughtfulness and prayerfulness,
      meditative spaces of reflection and clear
      to be advised about what is best and which is not?

      But there it is …
      a God within each as an invisible presence or thread.

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    • The Intersect Between Two Worlds
      Carry me to a safely spaced place,
      where I no longer have to be faced
      with that of the horrendous nature
      of what in men and women each day
      is causing so much pain and misery,
      to that of brilliance in You God
      and that of those to whom I am to love
      in the form of goodness and too of grace.

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