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    • Conscious but Dead they Speak
      He came so often in my night time slumber state.
      He came very rarely dawn or day time light.
      But as I still, in prayerful, reflect and meditative mode
      his voice, his sense and odour felt and smelt as if alive
      and to my heart,
      pounded beatings of love and thumped in overdrive.

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    • The Edge of Humanity – The Poor
      The edge of humanity creeps along its shores
      wondering over and over what went wrong
      with having time to observe the obvious.
      And now only the poorest of the poor come and say,
      how is it possible to have left humanity
      and the necessity of survival skills to the end – war.

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    • Art as Agency
      I can suggest a myriad of topics
      to describe the individual nature
      of our worth as agency,
      but of that, is another world entirely,
      the whole canvas of life itself.
      And in that we do exist
      and have to comply to the very least
      protection of all and everything.

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    • Grace
      Grace is where our heart meets the divine
      that part where love of self and others
      does not once decline
      to alter what is in fact the part we are blessed to know
      lives in and throughout our life as long as we are here
      to breathe that of a breath of life.

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    • The Brave Unknown
      The brave are only brave
      when they can accept
      their own reflection in the mirror,
      warts and all as is …

      perfectly imperfect,
      divinely inspirational as art as agency
      doing the best trying to be themselves
      and know in that,
      tomorrow may appear the same
      when actually no one as is,
      day to dawn, night to dream the same.

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    • The Bible Incomplete
      I am aware but is that fair, is that rightful and just
      when the world of the West is so ignorant and behest
      of any form of justice and rightful play
      which is of course the name of the game,
      the play we are now in every singular day upon day?

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    • Can I Tell will it Help
      How can we become satisfied
      when the world,
      into which we are being born
      has no form, no space or time
      to value this littleness of wonder
      and growing and growth potential?

      How therefore am I to wonder
      what it is that we are missing here
      in the twenty-first century?

      Is it a form of spiritual awareness
      that life is all and every bit as sacred
      as war and violence
      domestic and international?

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    • Centre Stage
      Centre stage is where one is in the scheme of a life
      to become known and fully explored, expressed to live virtuous and kindly placed so that one can enjoy
      this most blessed of heavenly earthly physical space.
      But if we are unable to do so then life is a difficult run
      until the end, loss being the number one
      instead of life to be lived precious as any other gem.

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    • The Evangelist
      He cannot be explained in all
      as one is too busy to understand
      how beneficial it is to stand tall,
      stand upright
      in all that one is to do and become
      so that no further harm inflicted on anyone.

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    • The Way Ahead – God Consciousness
      Oh it takes a great deal of good
      to look at oneself and own
      more to oneself than ever before
      thought of as love.

      It does require a commitment too,
      a type of honesty about just you,
      a type of undertaking to understand
      not all at first is what in us is at first hand.

      That being said it is so very easily to assume
      that a God is some far away type when in fact
      we are actually all part of another form, consciousness or quantum when to earth
      we are each uniquely formed and born.

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    • The Crossroads of Humanity
      He sought to understand
      why on earth we were so removed
      from what it meant to be a human being.

      Why so ignorant,
      lacking any form or sense of loving it,
      this world of make believe, truth and ecstasy;
      this of a world of incredible nature and ideas
      to create lovingly with honour and imagination,
      creativity and love of every other
      planetary and social class of wealth as life.

      Not some form of decay and discrepancy
      about every other one not like or understood
      so as to learn from.

      This is a world of intention-ed suffering
      until a light of knowledge comes into the brain,
      the mind and makes life as if begin again.

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    • The Life Unknown – Mystery
      Cannot decide who I am
      but then mystery is what I am
      in all that I can and do and be.

      But then there still is of this other –
      whatever can that be?

      Perhaps the whole, the universal part
      that does connect to myself,
      the more beauteous part
      and all that does entail,
      including life and people too
      all who live and breathe as I do too.

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    • As Death Appeared
      She cannot explain fully
      but enough to know
      God is in everyone and everything
      no matter who, or what, or how
      one does actually choose to believe.

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    • Death does come – When is my problem
      Life and death. Death and life.
      What is it?
      How is it, we do not embrace both?

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    • The Traveller Within
      He was my ideal, my individual self
      but I had no previous understanding
      as to why he lived there inside my mind,
      the mind of every other individual
      as with those now dead.

      But in all of that knowledge led me to believe
      God is as a seed for us to find, nourish and be fed.

      Not somehow removed from us but alive in every sense,
      the omega and alpha, the beginning and the end
      as well the in-between

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    • Forth Turning
      What is it we want to become?
      What is it we are and have not yet realised
      that potential in turning forth, turning forward,
      preparing for our life to be of worth?

      Can it be time involved?
      Can it be fear of knowing who in reality one is
      and in the future more of, without some form
      of recognising the benefits and pitfalls?

      That is why forth turning is a way through,
      a way clear, a way to benefit
      and not to befall the mystery of ignorance.

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