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Shakespeare’s Hamlet

The Empire’s Religion
To BE or not to BE is the metaphysical question of life. In the Anglo/Saxon Christian world – Jesus or Judus.
In the Western secular world – cultural collapse driving societal survival; or not. – A human being or a predator animal.
Two lives:
++++++++++++++++++++• A whole human being, or
++++++++++++++++++++• A tribal, herd following sheep.
Two deaths:
++++++++++++++++++++• One physical exit from a short brutish, +++++++++++++++++++meaningless, absurd life
++++++++++++++++++• The other an exit of the developed essence of who you have +++++++++++++++++++become.
The latest challenge presented by the bug has shone a light on where Australian society is poised.
A continued slide down the road to collapse, or not.
As the Mahatma Gandhi said and illustrated: Courage is the requirement.
For him, if you can’t fight against evil peacefully, you had better fight violently, but cowardice is totally, despicably unacceptable. For the christian westerner, the call of the teacher was to fight, but only peacefully, which takes more courage. Exactly the same as Gandhi did. If one can’t lead, then choose one’s leaders carefully. There is a dearth of good ones in these times.

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