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The Wolfpack Years

Why no Intospect
The Wolf pack years –
Territorial waters or is it state borders
crossed or not crossed, vaxxed or not vaxxed
animal free zone or borders regularly checked.
No fox, no wolf, no deer, no sport.
Kangaroo extinct now.
No more feral animals, only in the ring
as if a parliament shouting match or matched.
No more value, left obscene. No more right either.
The whole scene one enormous pack of wolves
as if to reign terror on all inhabitants, fears extreme.
++++++++++++++++++++ * * *

The Wolf pack years –
Loss of life.
Loss of a permanent state.
Because went ahead and chose an easier path
and left the natives alone to starve.

Or was it because could not go an extra mile
and choose the best for all to trek –
free of injuries;
free of disregard and or disrespect,
the whole puzzle …. Why no introspect?

++++++++++++++++++++ * * *

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