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Sunday Nail Leaflet Series

  • Packaged Correctly
    Give up the war games

    Download Here
    • Wake up World Reality has Struck
      Open the Eyes; Open the Ears; Open the Heart

      Download Here
      • Sentimentality on our Doors
        What are we, if not a slave
        to that of a televised screening
        of those horrible stories of war games and scenes

        Download Here
        • Across Borders
          Seeking borders here or there matters not
          the US of A has the day
          militarily on the ground, and of the seas.
          But what is not across the borders as we speak
          is of the man and his own mind – responsibility.

          Download Here
          • The Traffic Lights Have Stopped
            The bells stopped years before
            and now …
            the traffic signals have no power,
            the lights go on and off prior
            to not at all anymore.

            Download Here
            • Love in a Package
              Nothing more, nor nothing less,
              life is a miracle – claim it as is
              and live in turmoil or create more balance
              and become an independent thinking star within.

              Download Here
              • Clasp our Hands Together
                Love is …
                as if hands together clasped forever
                each and everyone,
                the planet, stars as sun and moon
                the all and every aspect of life on earth
                and beyond to where ever that is for each to be.

                Download Here
                • No Accident of Birth
                  The Task Master of one’s own life dictates
                  until you value who you are
                  as an ever more responsible source
                  of human dignity and regal birth to earth.

                  Download Here
                  • Life is a Learning Curve
                    Value you, as you,
                    not be
                    what is not a possibility now.

                    Download Here