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Come on Watson

The Game is ON.
If you want to control a country through tyranny, you first of all have to destroy institutions of influence in which the population has a sense of sure footing. And so … as Sherlock Holmes calls to Dr. Watson, ‘The Game is On’ The battlefield needs to be salted with foot soldiers whom, similar to the US Military, you have to offer fabulous incentives to get on board, or else recruit fanatics. Not the grunts, but the mid-level officers (maybe around the Major-Colonel level).Now those are more easily seen in the military but where do they come from to salt the bureaucratic fields?
The so-called Bourgeois Kings and Queens. Or the Trotskyism type true believers.
The faceless ones who are essential to Moriarty are difficult to target because they live within upper middle class society, well versed in fifth column techniques. 
Asymmetric gorilla warfare by the rancorous, helped along by generous doses of power worship and the golden calf of greed. A generous dose of hubris would round it off!

The only thing that will cause Moriarty any concern is if something is done to start waking up the sleeping masses. Kill off the institutions first, you are home and hosed.
Maybe it might be a suitable subject for the next quiz-night fund raiser?

Which targets:
• Judiciary
• Medical System
• Chemistry
• Churches
• Military
• Police
• Veteran’s Associations
• Why not all high profile professional associations
• Oops – Science being the greatest hit so far

You name the areas that stand out for you, seeing as how you are the quiz master.
Follow the link and see what one tentative area of push-back might look like.
A tough call this one, because you have some very small load voices currently allowed to dominate the sound stage, due to the mainstream denominations still being stuck pretty much in their idea of Christendom – not a dialogical approach. – Even though Chistendom’s bell in the West has well and truly tolled at least 50 years ago, but this one dies hard.