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Life on the Edge

Back to the Future
Back to when or where matters not, what does actually and scientifically, is what is the future when drugs are not being sufficiently tested or more likely experimented on we poor human frailties of earthly existence.
Back to the future where more understanding and diversity existed: or we had hoped for and felt protected by, laws and guidelines of propriety.
But now of course, any course but not to change the course, is a most dire worry for our future in the face of generations to forward plan and survive.
Because we have let others dictate our terms of right and wrong, or more likely mistaken views and limited perspectives.
What is it we want?
Is it to survive as rigorously as possible to sustain and not to destructively destroy, our worth and validity, our purpose and potentiality?
What is it that can be considered now, in this over stated and under rated call for ‘pandemic’ – loud and clear without even testing the impact of a few against the many who now have problems that do not relate to a pandemic but the futility of lock-downs and lock-ins?
Vaccinate, the only solution to provide the call to safety and response to any form of fear like storm, ageing us to weather the outcome regardless of the costs to our health and stability, ability and likely future of no work for the many. No hope for the few already excluded. Less likely a way forward without some form of controlling arm, political police state or army around?
What is it we are wanting for ourselves and families, our worth and stability, our factories and working lives?
Are we concerned at the very least about the impact of not taking the responsibility of “who I am” and indeed who in me is able to tell right from wrong? Do we critically consider what we are being fed daily in the hype of the media frenzy to instil fear aimed at inhibiting lifting a finger or walking in favour of freedom of speech and freedom of internet users and Youtube informationists?
How can we live if no freedom when the next hit comes?
Is it back to testing everyone?
And if that does not enlighten what then?
What of the future under such a draconian stance?
What of our future if young? No hope that we have work to survive and health to maintain the basics of herd immunity or life expectancy into an older age – because something went wrong with the mice later on?

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The facts. Whose and what for in the end?
Have you read science fiction lately?
No need, we are under that drum right now.
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