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Julian Assange

Happy Birthday

Julian Assange is an interesting person for followers of the Christian Way, and all people of good will, to think about in relation to what he represents in a system which is gaining more and more echoes of the Communist Stasi mode of societal control. (Remembering of course that it was staffed by numbers of operatives of the preceding Fascist Gestapo model.)
All of the shenanigans in Anglo/American society swirling around him can be distracting and quite blinding to the core issue; TRUTH.
Assange can be likened to the Beloved Follower of John’s Gospel who was charged with observing and then retelling the redeeming story. Of course, associated with him are the Jesus figures, represented by the whistle blowers who have a degree of courage, morality and ethical BEING which goes far beyond what most of us seem able to muster.
TRUTH/truth of course is like a flame thrower to a nest of vipers.
Gangster-ism is on the rise and hell and high water for we the mob’s demise!

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