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God’s Exceptional People – The Poor

Christian Praxis
What is the praxis of the Christian idea of reality? An interesting ponderable at this time of peak openness to the yearly renewal of hope, bound within the Christian Easter celebrations.
The celebrations that are of such power that they smash complacency through the shocking reality that someone can love so much that they are willing to die for it. – For the meaning of Jesus is Love.
Now the human experience of the objective reality that is Love, is justice and peace, patience and kindness, gentleness and self control; and there are many people since Jesus who also have loved so much, to have died trying to follow that example.
You know a follower, a pilgrim of the Christian Way, by the power and passion with which their every action and right conduct is directed in an effort to bring about justice and peace to all of the Earth. False claimants abound and while much deliberate effort and deceit is used to cover and obfuscate, you will know them by their praxis. If that praxis, that rite action informed by the Way they claim to follow does not scream out the message of love for all, you will know who they are not.
Justice and peace, love, demands liberation from all forms of domination and oppression and the pursuit of that will often mean standing apart. Standing apart from the powers of human destruction – greed , hatred, ignorance, war and violence and their followers.
Be prepared for the aloneness of standing apart. The future of the planet demands it.
The message of the linked article is quite devastating. This reader asked, how can it possibly be seen in that way? Does that represent a fair assessment of how a fair proportion of society generally see it? Is that how just the Christian Way is seen or does it apply to all of the World’s great wisdom traditions? One hopes that the praxis of the majority of pilgrims says otherwise.
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