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The Edge of Freedom – Where Do I Stand

The End Game
1The Western World is in the end game of psychological chaos, engendered by philosophical scientific materialism.
The viciousness displayed by the high priests and priestesses of materialistic cyborg-ism and particularly in relation to children, has graphically highlighted the depraved animal level of consciousness that they have sunk to.
The most shocking realisation of all, is that these beasts are not exceptional at all, but of the lowest ordinariness imaginable.
Murderous slaughter fills the comprador media air waves and scribbled pages, with the stench of death.

Criminals, fools and fanatics are the end game of collapse.

The Edge of Freedom
The edge of freedom where do I stand
when nothing but nothing is ever proclaimed
as becoming aware of what is the truth
and in that how is it that I can not despair?
++++++++++++++++++++++ * * *
The current crisis
if that is what it can be best described
is about this present situation
of continuing the ever increasing nature
of those war monger type of brides.
Those of whom do naught but continue to deride
the value of everyone including those to whom
love is the answer and freedom their own choice to decide
but instead marrying off the message that war is the ultimate
for heaven help us nuclear war games to continue to derail
peaceful solutions like those to whom marriage is the game
of those to have a family and settle in peaceful surroundings
and not be burdened with alternate types of inuendo
and sacrificing the young
who in the end leave women in a situation
of no partner no prize
the love of each in the embrace of a continuing race.
++++++++++++++++++++++ * * *
God help the present crisis as it is being called
when in effect Armageddon is more likely the end result
and who will then be alive to make that judgement?
++++++++++++++++++++++ * * *

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