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The Devil calls out crying

How easy is it to stop once the slide starts?
“The tides are shifting. Something’s in the wind. And it’s not just the fecund vapors of spring. The political soap opera of RussiaGate ended like a fart in a windstorm last weekend, leaving Mr. Mueller’s cheerleaders de-witched, bothered, and bewildered. And then a crude attempt was made to cram the Jussie Smollett case down Chicago’s memory hole. These two unrelated hoaxes emanating out of Wokester Land may signal something momentous: the end of the era when anything goes and nothing matters.”

The Devil calls out crying
The devil calls out crying,
Why, oh why desert me now
I had invested heavily
the benefits
proof of my acclaim off shore
hoarded like any beaver
hoping enough is in store but I unfortunately,
unlike the animal, prefer
much, much, much more.

So sadly, I am diminished
the world at large continues in despair
but somewhere now in the wooded forest
unable to be tapped
a brethren of some counter movement
is gaining some considerable momentum.


So gather round
you little heat valves
come close to father now
for I am on the war path
to alert all difficult problems
to become even more heated
and war-like more and more.

The truth of this little diatribe
is to alert the good
I am on my own in determination
to call on you and say,
that the devil is the only beneficial
and superlative type of way.

You locked down the nuclear arsenal
I am uncertain as to why
for I feel it of more benefit
to set up those rocket launchers
as a male on heat
and shoot off occasionally
to know that we mean
what and how we speak.

So God is in the counting house
looking for more converts
while I on am on the war path
looking to send more out
toward the devilment intent
to do far more vicious and harmful deeds
counter to all that of goodness,
care and considerable fair play

for that is for a foolish person
for we, the government underdogs
like these to shoot at
and preferable aim to kill
of any type of information
that they of goodness
might actually have and catch up
to what in propaganda
liars have at their finger tips
in the one horse and owned
media conglomeration brigade.

God said in humour
or shall I say more likely of intent
to do good for all concerned
even those of consciousness now dead

but I say, let them rest in peace
or hell if from a warring type brigade,
but of those who are the leaders
let them rise again and again
because here in the killing fields
I have the best advantage
and to those war-like warriors
they unfortunately forget
who they were and have been.

So off to war once again,
you beauty I do say
for here in the killing
of one to another
the devil brigade is at risk
not of loss to attain more victims
but of those who are unable to,
in their mind fix.

God said unfortunately,
that the world is in free fall
and I have to go and speak to him
for this is not good for me at all.

The value of this message
is even more direct
for I have a certain explanation
that if the world does continue
in the same project
I will have far more advantage
to claim even more souls
to date than before

because it is of nuclear
and that my dear listeners
is the greatest of all claims
one can in a corporate sense
do hope for.

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